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  In September 2016, after several months of preparation, “The 7 Deadly Sins” photoshoot took place at Frank Diaz’s studio, a member of the Parchis mythical group and personal friend of Humberto. With a team of 7 models, 4 makeup artists, 3 camera and lighting assistants, 2 production assistants, 2 video operators, 1 art director and photographer James H. Soul, the day started very early and lasted until 10pm, given that some makeup work took a lot of time. Around 4-6 plates were shot per sin in 2 formats, 9x12 and 10x12 cm.
  After several enlargements in the Perversa lab, James decided to burn, scratch, stain and paint the selected negatives and then, in Joan Guillamat’s lab, the final copies were made 60x50cm on 300gr art paper by Ilford Hahnemühle. Two boxes of 40x50cm and 4 boxes of 60x50cm Ilford paper were used, in addition to 3 bottles of developer and 2 bottles of fixative. About 90 hours were spent in labs.

  James began to paint the photographs of sins with spots of grey, sepia, black and some watercolours in gluttony; after several designs on placement and typography for each sin, the calligrapher Ivan Castro wrote with different techniques and styles extracted from “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. Finally, they were scanned in high resolution to be able to work with digital photos for printing on the t-shirts.

  Almost 2 years later, Humberto and James decided to create the Almost Perfect clothing brand so that they could present their magnificent work to everyone.


"Los 7 Pecados Capitales"  /  "The 7 Deadly Sins"

Photography by James H. Soul
Creative art direction by Humberto Vignali
Produced by Mister Garlic

Make-up & hair by Susana Sanchez

Camera asistants Debora Sanchez, Juanma Orta y Duna Riera
Production asistants Isabel Justamante and Frank Diaz
Make-up asistants Marta Saez, Estel Caminal, Héloïse Chettle
Video direction Wannafilmmakers

Cameras Wally Sanz & Ana Beltran
Studio & digital photography Frank Diaz
Laboratory Joan Guillamat & La Perversa
Lettering Ivan Castro & Jesús Morentin from Bunkertype
Video edition Paco Ballestero

Música: "Réquiem de Mozart" Lacrimosa & Confutatis

Models: Noelia Artigas, Ninette Shibara, Yainelys Barrabi, Mariona Borrell, Annalisa Blaha, Jessica Conde y Aubane Larue.

Many thanks to Babi Terol, Frank Diaz, Joan Guillamat, Debora, Juanma y Duna de la Perversa,

Wannafilmmakers, Paca Rafols, Xavi Gonzalez, La Cámara del Alquimista, Ramiro Ochova, Raquel Troch

and all the models and their agencies 5th Avenue & Scouting BCN.

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