Almost Perfect’s first Spring-Summer 2018 collection was inspired by “The 7 Deadly Sins”: Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Greed, Wrath and Pride. All were photographed by James H. Soul with his personal style, focusing on details and symbolism pulled from the dark engravings of Gustav Doré and the day-to-day scenes painted by Bosch. The texts extracted from “The Divine Comedy” and the names of the sins were handwritten by the calligrapher Ivan Castro, in Latin, Spanish and English.

  Two years later and once the final pieces were finished, we begin our design phase, pattern design and printing the images onto clothing, which was totally new territory for us. We went through many tests with different printing techniques and a variety of fabrics, some with better results and outcomes than others. Several months later and after evaluating all the options, we decided to start selling 3 of the sins during the summer and the rest during the winter. For the first launch there will be TWO 100% cotton women’s t-shirts in two sizes S and M with the sins Gluttony, Lust and Envy + ONE t-shirt with the brand name and motto, What is your sin? We will also offer 2 100% cotton men’s t-shirts in sixes L and M, as well as the brand t-shirt. We use digital printing to obtain a quality superior to silk screen printing and other techniques.

  Most of the t-shirts will be on sale in stores in Barcelona and Castellón. Our goal is to give sustainability to the brand through the white shirts with photographs and illustrations printed on them that will last for a long time, whilst gradually expanding what Almost Perfect has to offer with jackets, trousers, jumpers footwear etc… Achieving the image of a stable and well-known brand for the public. Similarly, if everything goes to plan, we will expand our sales to the rest of Spain and overseas to countries where we believe Almost Perfect clothing will be well-received.



  Funnily we do not have photographs of the ad campaign, work that Humberto has been doing for more than 20 years. At first, we thought it was original and needless given that we already had so much graphic material that could replace the usual campaign photos in any clothing brand, but for obvious reasons we are going to create some original and funny campaign photographs that will soon be available to see on social media and the website.


  The Sphinx was a demon of destruction and misfortune in Greek mythology, which was represented with the face of a woman on the body of a lion with the wings of a bird. It is said that the Hera sends the Sphinx to Thebes to punish the city. The Sphinx would attack travellers on solitary points of the journey around the outskirts of the city or it would fly to the citadel and before choking and devouring them, they would be asked to solve impossible riddles, only a correct answer would save their lives.

  At Almost Perfect we have adopted the Sphinx as part of our look and we will include it in our brand image, as well as on the seals of our packages for online orders.