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The idea of creating Almost Perfect came about in 2016 after a photo session in which James H. Soul and Humberto Vignali decided to give more continuity to the photographs once they were finished, which would stay alive for years in different formats, materials and media. With this in mind, they decided to print the photographs onto a line of high quality clothing inspired by the styles during the first years of Rock’n’Roll, styles that have lived on since the 1950s.
Basic, comfortable and practical clothing.

The basis and iconic symbol of the brand will be the black and white photographs by James H. Soul, taken with big format cameras that he enlarges himself in a lab and then paints onto with different techniques and styles. Although the idea of ​​giving continuity after this first release of Sins was valued, we thought it more appropriate to continue with the initial idea that it was an ephemeral artistic project, with a beginning and an end, an end that arrives in 2022. ​


Now Almost Perfect will become something else, another project, a horror and science fiction film production company, an art gallery... whatever we want.


Humberto Vignali has been working in the fashion industry for more than 25 years, starting out as an Art Director, creating the international campaigns for clients such as Zara, Burberry, Massimo Dutti, Cortefiel, Lois Jeans, Bershka, Vittorio & Lucchino, Animas Code, Peek & Cloppenburg… And later on, as a photographer and director, responsible for a short film nominated for the Goya´s 2001, as well as several projects for movies&television, music videos and many tv commercials.

James H. Soul is a photographer and artist who works in an analogue manner with big format cameras using 9x12 and 10x12cm negatives, which he enlarges in the lab onto 60x50cm 300gr art papers by Ilford Hahnemühle. He finishes them by painting onto the enlarged photos with liquid gold, watercolors, metallic paints and other materials, using a variety of techniques such as collage. The results are always unique and original, never creating two identical copies.

Humberto is in charge of creative direction and general production; whilst James coordinates the photography, artistic work and, when the time calls for it, both take charge of selecting the artists to collaborate in the photograph illustration.

Humberto’s son, Roque, also helps out at Almost Perfect, putting smiles on their faces and helping in any area asked. Not to mention, Humberto’s father, Mauro Vignali, who brings his business experience to the team.
Three generations working together in this incredible project.    


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